Larissa & Eli’s Wedding at the Teapot on Wheels ~ Gold Hill, Oregon

There’s no shortage of beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Southern Oregon, and the Rogue Valley’s Teapot on Wheels—located in Gold Hill, less than a minute off I5 —provided a fantastic setting for Larissa’s and Eli’s special day.

While the grounds, themselves, are beautiful, with vine-smothered arbors, cultivated blossoms, and an altar right on the Rogue River, the natural light is what makes the place magical for me as a photographer. 

On one side of the grounds, tall evergreens, madrone, and oak create a natural screen that diffuses harsh afternoon light, while allowing ethereal glimmers of sun to shimmer through the boughs. On the other side, wide-open space maximizes the available sunlight for evening receptions and sunset shots. 

The venue boasts a large indoor space for bridal parties to get ready & safely stash personal effects, and a long walkway leading from that space to the altar along the river ensures photographers ample opportunity to capture the wedding party on their march to the altar.

I couldn’t be happier with how Larissa’s and Eli’s photos turned out. It was a perfect day for a wedding, and the bride and groom exuded serenity, fun, and romance.