What little girl hasn’t fantasized about being a mermaid? I certainly remember those halcyon daydreams of my bygone youth…which is why it delights me to offer mermaid sessions.

So what all goes into a mermaid session with Magination Images? Well, the finished products are what we call composite images. Basically, I use digital editing software (adobe) to blend photos I take of the subject with elements from other images, as well as elements I digitally paint in.

We start with a photoshoot, set against a watery backdrop, and given the abundance of rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds inundating Southern Oregon, there’s always plenty of variety to choose from. Yes, I could just photoshop the subject into a similar background, but shooting the session can be such a fun experience for the kiddos (or adults), that the experience is just as important as the final product, so a real aquatic environment helps set the mood (and makes for the best photos).
We provide the client with a Fin & Fun style mermaid tail to lend the experience of being a mermaid for the shoot. Then, during the editing phase, I paint over the mermaid tail to create a more stylized look. Other elements are often added to the images, such as butterflies, sunflares, colorful skies, and more—all by compositing or digitally painting said elements in.

As with most portrait sessions, the best time of day to shoot these types of portraits is in the early evening hours. The sun hangs low in the sky then, casting gentle golden light, so there isn’t harsh shadows on the subject’s face, nor does the reflective surface of the surrounding water turn into a giant, blinding mirror.

The above featured image in this post was shot at a local pond that, at first glance, might look a touch grungy to the observer. But it was perfect for what I wanted to do here. (Often the setting you see at your portrait sessions will look quite different in your finished photos—trust me on this one, folks.)

Some things to consider when planning your mermaid session…

While we provide mermaid tails in a variety of hues, the color of those tails can usually be altered in post process. We can also provide a mermaid costume top of a stylised tank or tube-top, but our clients are welcome to bring their own to ensure a perfect fit and individualized look. As far as styling goes, professional hair and makeup services can be added on to any of our packages for an additional fee, but if you opt to style yourself, we’ve found the crimped look of freshly unbraided hair to be an easy way to ensure an on-point mermaid look for the shoot.

As makeup often photographs lighter than it looks in real life, a client can go a bit heavy-handed on the blush, lip stain, and eyeshadow if they plan on wearing cosmetics. And, as accessories always add an aesthetic oomph to shots, feel free to go all out.

Safety is always a priority with our sessions, so if we’re working with children, we choose calm, shallow waterways as a backdrop for the shots. For adults, we’re open to more adventurous locations, so long as the setting puts no one at risk. And while waterfalls, breaking coastal waves, and the Rogue River wending through a maze of boulders can add breathtaking elements to these mermaid shoots, a simple irrigation pond in Medford or White City is no less beautiful in the final images.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Mermaid Sessions, or you’d like a to book a shoot, please shoot us a text or call at 541-973-7389