Oregon Cliff House Wedding

This wedding is among my all-time favorites. Not only was the event absolutely lovely and the decor painstakingly detailed, but romance and joy abounded—I got chills when the couple exchanged their vows.
The venue, The Oregon Cliff House, is located about thirty minutes outside of Eugene, along the McKenzie River. In addition to an abundance of amenities, it features custom craftsmanship all throughout the property.

Let’s talk about light—because the lighting at this wedding is everything a photographer hopes for when shooting an afternoon event midsummer.

Light is the tool with which a photographer crafts their art, and nothing can take photographs to the next level more so than ideal lighting. Strong light, especially when directly overhead, can create harsh, unflattering shadows. Your photographer has no say in where and when your ceremony takes place, and they can’t interrupt your vows to reposition you for better lighting, so if gorgeous images are high priority, you should consider the available light when choosing your ceremony time and location.

When wedding ceremonies take place in bold, open sun, the resulting images can be wrought with uneven exposure. For instance, if the sun is to the groom’s back as he stands before his bride, his face will be shadowed comparatively to his bride’s—her features will be awash with sunlight while his appear darker. If the sun is directly overhead as with mid-afternoon weddings, recessed features, such as eyes, can be shadowed while more prominent features, like noses and chins, are glaringly lit. Additionally, strong light bounces off various surfaces, creating cringe-worthy color-casts. Lush lawns can tint subjects green or yellow when subjected to harsh sun, and bright clothing, such as vibrant bridesmaids’ gowns, can do the same.

The gentle shade of the Oregon Cliff House venue is my preferred lighting for wedding ceremonies. Not only does it help create beautiful images, but guests are spared the sun’s assault, and the bridal party doesn’t melt. By the time you couple the summer’s heat with Spanx, lined gowns, suits, and makeup, a little shade can grant blessed reprieve…an lovely pictures <3