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So the subject came up the other day of what to do with your wedding dress post event. As a photographer,  hands down, my most favorite session to shoot is the post-wedding session. This is commonly referred to as a trash-the-dress shoot. While you don’t have to actually “trash” the dress, per se, it opens the door for a lot of creative potential that you don’t have at a wedding and your prior bridals. Because you no longer have to keep your gown pristine, the possibilities are endless. All brides, if it is within their budget, should consider a bridal session or a post-wedding session. And I always recommend a post-wedding session over a bridal to my own brides. Having a stand alone session, outside of the wedding, allows you to have a more relaxed, focused shoot – without all the time pressures and chaos of shooting during a wedding. Yes, the gowns in all of these shots got a little dirty, but it wasn’t anything the dry cleaner’s couldn’t save. Just a note on safety, though – If you’re wanting to do a water shot, you need to vigilant about choosing an area of clean, *standing* water. Nothing with a current. Heavy gowns, once waterlogged, become almost too heavy to move in and a current can easily drag you under. A bride drowned a few years back doing a water shot in a river…. Be safe! Have fun! And remember that your daughter probably won’t want to wear your wedding gown when her time comes to get married. Fashion is cyclical and it takes usually takes two generational turns for a style to become vintage-y enough to be classic. You would have better luck with your grand daughters.

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