Jessica’s Trash-the-Dress Session – Magination Images – Southern Oregon Photographer

Oh boy, oh boy!  Trash-the-dress sessions are just about my favorite genre of portrait photography!  I mean, come on!  How often to do get to shoot dolled up brides in their wedding gowns without all the demands and pressures of shooting on a wedding day?! The artistic license that these sessions afford are hard to compete with.  In this session the gorgeous Jessica graces my glass in her couture bridal gown without thought or care to a little water or dirt!  We shot in Central Point, which is just minutes outside of Medford.  The sun was going down and gave us that beautiful golden hour light for the first half of the session.  By the time we got Jess in the water it was just about dusk.  As always, with my water shots, safety was priority and the water that we chose had no current.  The session was shot with both the 85mm and the 70-200mm, giving the images a good variety.  For the water shots the big lens is a must, unless you want to be out there with your gear in the water as well.  In post process a lot of color had to be brought back to dusk images.  The lack of light had really washed the vibrancy out of the frame and took a little tweaking in PS to get rid of the grey pallor that plagued them SOOC.  Overall, I’m super happy with the results and am excited to share some here on the blog!