Rainy Day Engagement Shoot

I’m not gonna lie. For me, the most frustrating aspect of running a photography business is the unpredictable weather of our area. The bulk of my work is shot outdoors, leveraging natural light, and the amazing scenic backdrops available in our area just can’t be reproduced in a studio. Therefore, my clients and I are often at the mercy of the weather. And if you’re familiar with our area, you know that September through April, Southern Oregon weather can change from one hour to the next, so forecasts are useless much of the time.

The awesome couple featured in this session traveled all the way from the northern end of the state for an engagement shoot—and it rained. We shot in Medford’s downtown core, utilizing awnings, structures, and other weather-breaks to make the most out of the afternoon, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.

Please note that it was a dark, overcast day, and the colorful skies and sunlight were added in post-process.

The positive attitude and natural chemistry between the couple really translated to their photos. They’re madly in love, and it totally shows.
All my best wishes!