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When you browse our Wedding Guide, Senior Photo Brochure or look through any of our collections, you see the term “creative edit” come up a lot.  Almost all of our packages include creative edits.  They are an element that really sets us apart in our Southern Oregon market.

In a nutshell, a creative edit is a photograph that has been edited with liberal creative license.  We like to start with a good base image and then transform it into something stunning.

Lets take a look at an example:


So here’s a shot of a lovely bride and groom sharing a kiss during their formal photography time.  In person, this setting was stunning.  The sun was melting into the horizon and the colors of the sunset sky were vibrant.  Of course, if you’re exposing for the subjects skin you’re going to wind up with a blown-out, colorless sky; as is the case here.  A rich, vibrant skyline is one of my most favorite elements in images.  With that in mind, I started cleaning this photo up a bit with the intention of compositing in a sky during the process.

The vineyard where we were shooting was lush with rich foliage, but I found the drip irrigation system very busy and distracting.  After removing it, I focused on showcasing the bride’s beautiful bone structure, then worked on the skyline and began to digitally rebuild the sunset.


After all those elements were in place, I spent some time painting with color, light and vibrancy to create the final image.

Our fine art, creative-edits are one-of-a-kind artistic renderings of beautiful photographs.  They let us push the boundaries of our imagination and break the molds.  As large, gallery-wrapped canvases, they become striking works of art that wow your guests.



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