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Marriage.  There are few landmarks in our lives that can rival the excitement, magic and importance of the day we marry.  Your wedding day should be brimming with the romance that brought you and your betrothed together.  Magination Images understands the time, energy and monetary investment put into creating your dream wedding.  As your wedding photographer, we partner with our clients to capture their once-in-a-lifetime event.  From elegant bridal portraits and photo-journalistic candids to the finest of details, we work hard to capture the myriad of images that make up your wedding day.  Whether your wedding is an extravagant gala or a small intimate gathering, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.  To request an e-copy of our 2016 Wedding Guide, please email us at or call/text 541-973-7389

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In addition to wedding day services, we strongly encourage brides to consider booking a Bridal Session or a Post-Wedding Session – otherwise known as a “trash-the-dress” shoot.  On your wedding day there are so many obligations for the bride and groom to fulfill.  Bridal Sessions and Post-Wedding Sessions allows you to be photographed free from those obligations and the hubbub of your wedding.  If we had to choose just one to recommend we would, hands down, encourage the Post-Wedding Session.  These sessions are an environment where the bride and groom can focus all their energy on the photography and create some super-stunning pieces of art.  The dress can wait till later for the preservation box; A Post-Wedding Session is an opportunity to get absolutely creative “WOW” factor shots!

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