The Photographer


Hi there! My name is Mary Wallis, and I’m the owner and primary-photographer of Magination Images.

First and foremost, I adore my job. The act of creating feeds my soul, and my work here at Magination Images is as much a passion as it is a vocation. The love of photography rooted itself in me at an early age when I recieved my first camera: a Lee Click, gifted to me in the third grade. As my photography skills evolved, so did my gear. Over fifteen years ago, I purchased my first Canon dsrl camera. From there, I learned the world of photography is limited only by the boundaries of our imaginations.

I’ve been working consistently in Adobe Photoshop since I studied digital art in college twenty years ago—back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The software is an amazing tool that allows me to blend fantasy with reality, and paint the world in color. Be it capturing classic senior photos, a stylized mermaid session, or two people in love sharing a moment, I love what I do, and when I am not shooting a client, you can usually find me shooting one of my many personal projects, here, in Southern Oregon.

I consider myself an artist as much as a photographer, and I try to collaborate with my clients to create the images that they envision within the scope of my own personal style. Few things in this world please me more than hearing my clients say they love their photos.

If you are searching for a photographer in Medford, Oregon or the surrounding Rogue Valley, please, browse though my work and see if my style fits your vision. I would love to serve you.